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A lightweight colour utility for creative professionals. As a full-time freelance designer, I often need to transfer colours between applications and keep a record of my clients brand colours etc. I have been using Hue Library for around a year personally and it has been very useful for me. So I am releasing it today for anyone who would like to use it. Here is a list of some of its features;

  • Create unlimited colour swatches
  • Create unlimited libraries to store collections of swatches
  • Open multiple libraries at once
  • Use the scroll wheel to quickly move between swatches
  • Copy HTML, RGB, Reference, CSS Class and HSL values
  • Create custom scripts for copying values in any workflow
  • Drag and drop images onto the app to instantly get colour schemes [BETA]
  • Double click any colour to instantly copy it to the clipboard
  • Large swatch previews with detailed colour information
  • Pin the window to be always on top
  • The window automatically snaps to the edges of the screen
  • Use the onscreen colour picker to select colours from anywhere
  • Hex codes in the clipboard are automatically pasted into new swatch dialog
  • Use the arrow keys in colour picker mode for fine control
  • Press enter or click to select a colour in picker mode
  • Automatically name you swatches (Hex or RGB)
  • Fine-tune your colours using a standard colour selector
  • No install required
  • Includes default colour libraries for Windows, iOS, and Mac OS

If anyone finds this useful and has any feature requests I will try and find time to update the app.

Please note: This is an unsigned Windows application and your computer may ask you if you are sure you want to run this application.

Install instructions

Extract the files from the ZIP and run 'Hue Library.exe'. Libraries must be saved and loaded to the Libs folder included.


HueLibrary_120.zip 2 MB

Development log


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i would like to be able to import an image and get it's dominant color pallete from it please.

I started prototyping something along this thinking. I will look into adding it. Thanks for the suggestion :)

your welcome and thanks for taking it into consideration

would it also be possible to rearrange the colors in a swatch?

I will certainly add this to the list of future features. I have nearly finished work on the colour scheme from an image as requested.


Version 1.2 has now been released. This supports dropping an image file onto the app to analyse the colour scheme on that image.