Cactus Timer 1.0.1 Update

This update brings lightweight project management features to Cactus Timer. Timers can now be assigned a project, this makes tracking multiple timed tasks in a single project easier than ever. From the Projects screen, you can get an overview of all your current projects and how much time has been tracked for each. There's also a graph for a quick visual overview of how you're spending your time. There's also some bug fixes and performance improvements. Here's a full list of the changes;

- [NEW] Add a project to a new timer
- [NEW] Manage projects dialog
- [NEW] Projects show total active time
- [NEW] Projects are displayed in Timer Archive
- [NEW] Export projects as CSV or TSV files
- [NEW] Timers now show project next to name
- [NEW] Toolbar icons for Projects and Timer Archive
- [NEW] Keyboard shortcuts for New Timer, Projects and Timer Archive
- [NEW] Copy name and timer information
- [NEW] Scrollbar on Timer List
- [NEW] Window now shows focus
- [FIX] Bug with closing application starting timer
- [FIX] Warning label on New Timer dialog
- [FIX] Name field now shows focus
- [FIX] Edit timer displaying incorrect time
- [FIX] Empty data file being created in wrong location
- [FIX] Performance updates and increases

Thanks for your continued support!

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Feb 27, 2020

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